Sunday, 12 February 2012

Valentines Feature - Day 11 Chocolate Truffles

This is the penultimate post for my 12 days of valentines feature and today I made truffles! Here's how they turned out, can i tempt you? :D

To make 50 truffles you will need the following:

300g or 3 bars of Tesco 74% Cocoa Ivory Coast Plain Chocolate
300ML Double Cream

Truffles are the easiest things EVER to make!
Firstly boil some water in a medium sized pan.
While that's boiling break your chocolate up into tiny pieces and put in a bowl.
When the water's boiled put the bowl on top of the pan so the steam melts the chocolate and the bowl is resting in the water.
Stir the chocolate continuously until it's all melted.
Remove from the heat and start to whisk in the cream bit by bit until the mixture thickens and you have added all your cream. (Tip, if you use an electric whisk it will make the truffles lighter than the usual heavy chocolate truffles)
You have just made your truffle mixture go you, cover and put it in the fridge for an hour.
Once the mixture is firm enough to work with take it out of the fridge and using a teaspoon scoop out enough to make a truffle.
You will now use your hands to roll your truffles into ball shapes. You will need cold slightly wet hands to roll the truffles into balls so prepare to get icky sticky!

Once rolled into a ball you can then roll them in anything you want for decoration and flavour. I chose a mixture of cocoa powder, choc sprinkles, desicated coconut, mixed chopped nuts.

Trial and error with these I haven't made truffles in about 10 years so these ended up being giant mutant truffles.


  1. hmmm they look delish... I am so gonna try them.... the recipe looks really easy... thank you for sharing! x Marina

  2. OOhh These look absolutely mouth-watering and thank-you soo much for sharing this recipe I'd totally lurve to try and make this very soon:)!

    Pixie xoxox

  3. Mmm these look yummy! They seem simple enough to make, hopefully I won't mess it up!

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