Thursday, 29 September 2011

Summer Flower Clips

Here are some examples of my summer flower clips to keep us feeling bright and summery before the nights start drawing in and the long johns come out to play :)

Buttons Buttons Buttons I love Buttons

Lately i've been trying to build up my button collection and here they are in all they're golden triumphant glory. 
You can never have enough embellishments for different creations ..... some people collect stamps i collect buttons lol. 

Here are some of my favourites.

Indian Summer

Our indian summer is still in full force this week in "ngland and it's been a scorcher, my only wish is that it could stay around a little bit longer. Yesterday i spent the day catching up with my oldest and dearest friend from school, Dana.

We took Lilly to the park to play on the swings and slide (us as much as her) and melted in the sweltering heat! We finished up our day feasting on gorgeous Malteser cakes dana had made esecially for us....heaven!!

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Model For A Day

Well our indian summer has definitely been present this week, beautiful crisp, blue skied, sunny autumnal days ...bliss.

I decided to take advantage of the goregous weather and take some product shots of some of my new baby range. Lilly acting model for the day which she secretly loved of course, we went to the park and did lots of running around and posing (think vogue) lol.

Here's some of the best including the most amazing dinner/FEAST to end a perfect day cooked by my lovely mr man himself.

Monday, 26 September 2011

Pace Of Life

At the moment it seems as though days, weeks, months are speeding by without pace i can't believe my baby girl is 2 and a half and will soon be starting nursery and then primary school where does the time go? It scares me! 

Autumn is well and truly upon us and the christmas products are already creeping onto the shelves.

Here's my little Lilly styling an apron i made for her just last week, i know i'm biased bit isn't she cute?

The better half and I have been busy doing some DIY lately on our rental flat that needed updating massively and it's a good job i have learnt a steady hand from sewing because skirting boards and banisters are a challenge! 

Everything's been a bit manic lately keeping up with orders, launching my new range of luxury fur headbands for the autumn/winter, DIYing and potty training Lilly but looking forward to the restoration of calm now the flat is completed and dedicating some more time to my creations.

MUA Review - Too good to be true!

 MUA Trio Palettes: £2.50, Superdrug
MUA Quad Metallic Palettes: £3, Superdrug
MUA Brown Mascara: £2, Superdrug
Don't pinch yourself too hard when you see these prices i assure you they are 100% real!

My second review is going to of Superdrug's MUA range and i am very excited about this one! 

I have recently purchased a haul of MUA eyeshadow palettes from superdrug to use on myself for the photos i take wearing my products. I wasn't looking to have to take a small loan out to buy a good range of colours so naturally the Make Up Academy's budget range appealed to me.
I chose the trio and the quad metallic palettes and for ALL of the eyeshadows in the picture above it only cost a grand total of £21 as the quad pallettes that are usually £3 each were 2 for £2.99 bargain!!!

The colours are all stunning and have amazing pigment to them and blend really well, what i love the most is that they are soooo easy to use. You don't have to be great at doing make up at all, the palettes are arranged in co-ordinating colours so they've done all the hard matching work for you. 

I tend to apply the lightest shade in the palette all over my lid and underneathe my eyebrow area then use the second lightest colours on my lid building up the colour and then to finish the look off i get the narrow brush applicator and highlight the crease of the lid with the darkest colour in the trio.... et voila SO easy even i can do it! 

I can't reccommend these eyeshadows enough for value for money and quality you get.

John Frieda Precision Foam Hair Colour Review

John Frieda Precision Foam 10B Extra Light Beige Blonde - £10, Superdrug

My first review for my blog is going to be for John Frieda's higher price range hair dyes. I was in need of a refresher for my hair and didn't want to go with the usual brands like clairol etc as i always end up with a reddish tinge to the roots. 

I decided to disguard the usual £5 ranges and opted for a more expensive dye to see if the results were different and I am amazed at the results. The precision foam comes in a range of beautiful colours I chose colour 10B Extra Light Beige Blonde for my dull and distressed tassles and the application couldn't be easier.

The foam is so deceptive because at first glance you think that's not going to cover my hair especially if you have long hair like mine but this really is the foam of all foams that just doesn't stop giving! Bearing in mind i've been dying my hair with home kits since i was about 14 this was the first time i've ever not needed to use all of the product which was excellent to ensure full coverage! 

It comes with a conditioner like they all do that you can use once a week after you dye your hair and this smells gorgeous. Most conditioners i've tried just get soaked up into the first patch of hair it has contact with and then i need more for the rest but this one has more of a liquid consistency and a small amount goes a long way.

I was so pleased with the colour i now believe i have found my staple dye product, now let's just hope they don't go and discontinue it :)

Allow Myself To Introduce.....Myself

Hi *waves* you have stumbled across the ramblings of a 24 year old mummy of one gorgeous little girl and accessory designer from Worcestershire. 

I love everything creative and believe that everyone should challenge themselves to be creative even if it does take a bit of patience it can be so theraputic and above all great fun!

Since the start of my journey into becomming a designer and having my own little business I have had so many exciting things happen like photoshoots with amazing teams involved, fashion shows and have learnt so much along the way that i'd like to share it all with you. 

This is the place to find out what i'm upto, my reviews on different products and the latest creations in my range of Lilly Belle Accessories hope you will join me on my journey and share my experiences with me.