Sunday, 8 April 2012

Festival Themed Photoshoot Bo Ho Chic

A while ago I was contacted by photographer Holly Booth as she was organizing a photo shoot with a festival theme in mind for designer Kate Wrigglesworth. 

Holly contacted me as she thought my festival bohemian style hair garlands would accessorise the outfits perfectly and wow didn't they just!

Holly is a professional freelance photographer based in Derby who produces work for a variety of clients all over the UK including Beatrix Brown, AIRR Clothing and a number of up & coming young designers. She has also recently photographed Pearl Lowe's stationery collection.
Holly really captures a theme brilliantly and brings ideas to life from fun shoots like this to sultry shots with intensity, definitely a name to look out for in the future.

I have just had the go ahead to share these beautiful images that were taken and had to post them on here for you to see as I have fallen in love with them.

Warning these pictures will make you long for summer days!

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! Hope you are all enjoying your chocolate induced food comas. 
Yesterday I made an attempt of a bunny butt cake, the idea is it's supposed to look like the bunny is digging in the dirt, i'll let you be the judge of laughing! Hehe.
Here he is.....

What are you upto for Easter hope everyone is having a lovely time with family and friends wherever you are.
We started off our morning painting faces on our eggs and soldiers, childhood memories flooding back and will be having a big fat roast dinner later on, yum!


Mum and dad came up for a surprise visit for my birthday on Thursday and it was so nice spending quality time together as they live 3hrs away from us. 
We decided to have a day trip to Stratford Upon Avon town of shakespeare himself as they hadn't been before and we all had a great day out.
There is so much to do in Stratford and if you haven't been yet it really is worth a visit.

The only downside was it was a bit cold so we're definitely going to plan a trip back in the summer as i'm dying to test out a row boat. 

Stratford is only 40mins away from us so isn't too far at all and what a beautiful town it is.
We popped into a favourite tourist attraction of mine the butterfly farm which is the UKs biggest tropical butterfly farm then on to have lunch at Cox's Yard and then traced down shakespeares house and the church where shakespeare and his wife Anne Hathaway were burried.

Here's some pics from the day...

The coolest Easter Bunny!

Arriving in Stratford

Little one enjoying the butterflies

Friendly butterflies, so tame!

Magical world of beautiful coloured butterflys

Amazing multicoloured flower

And of course no trip to Stratford is complete without a visit to Lakelands. Been looking for french fancy cases like this for ages and got some silicone mould ducks for half price £2.99, bargain!

Another Year Older

Hi everyone hope you are having a lovely weekend i've had such a busy week, where to start?
Thursday was my birthday (25 years after birth) to be exact and I was under strict instructions from the mister man to not leave the house before 1pm, all very exciting!
I had a few deliveries that day which just added to the suspense and i even went to the extremes of taking my hair dryer downstairs and drying my hair in the lounge where I could see if anything came, was determined not to miss this delivery and delivery people can be so sneaky at times.

Our post man who delivers our packages in a little van is so annoying he bangs the door really hard and leaves the package on the step and drives off what kind of service is that?!

So finally a package came and I immediately noticed Kenwood on the box, opened it up and couldn't believe it!

Oooooooh aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.........

Isn't it pretty?!?!
This machine is seriously the best machine ever I was in a state of shock couldn't believe it I had read about these last year and the reviews are all excellent. 
It makes light work of cake making and makes the lightest fluffiest cakes with no work involved at all. 
It has an amazing fold function so after you've sieved the flour in it gently folds the flour in enough folds and then stops. 
My little cakes have never risen as much as this they were really domed on the top was so impressed.

I have been undeservedly spoilt this year and also had some gorgeous rings I absolutely love the concept of these rings. Jian of London make stackable rings for every birthstone and in my collection I have all my little family's birthstones diamond for me being April. Topaz for my daughter's birthstone in March and also Citrine for my boyfriend's birthstone.
I originally had a white gold engagement ring but I found out I can't wear white gold as I have a reaction to Nickel so I traded it for these as there is alot more meaning behind these rings and I love having the birthstones of everyone who is special to me on my engagement finger.
These make great presents to treasure and come in lots of different varieties on their website.

Here they are: