Monday, 26 September 2011

John Frieda Precision Foam Hair Colour Review

John Frieda Precision Foam 10B Extra Light Beige Blonde - £10, Superdrug

My first review for my blog is going to be for John Frieda's higher price range hair dyes. I was in need of a refresher for my hair and didn't want to go with the usual brands like clairol etc as i always end up with a reddish tinge to the roots. 

I decided to disguard the usual £5 ranges and opted for a more expensive dye to see if the results were different and I am amazed at the results. The precision foam comes in a range of beautiful colours I chose colour 10B Extra Light Beige Blonde for my dull and distressed tassles and the application couldn't be easier.

The foam is so deceptive because at first glance you think that's not going to cover my hair especially if you have long hair like mine but this really is the foam of all foams that just doesn't stop giving! Bearing in mind i've been dying my hair with home kits since i was about 14 this was the first time i've ever not needed to use all of the product which was excellent to ensure full coverage! 

It comes with a conditioner like they all do that you can use once a week after you dye your hair and this smells gorgeous. Most conditioners i've tried just get soaked up into the first patch of hair it has contact with and then i need more for the rest but this one has more of a liquid consistency and a small amount goes a long way.

I was so pleased with the colour i now believe i have found my staple dye product, now let's just hope they don't go and discontinue it :)

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  1. If you have an sally's express near you Go there they have professional high end colour but its cheaper then the john Fredia hair dye like 4ish quid