Monday, 24 October 2011

Website Up And Running!

Friday saw the launch of my official website as it has been undergoing a major update and also being made into a shop ^_^

I am so pleased with how it went and thank you to every one who took the time to visit the new improved Lilly Belle Accessories official website.

On the website you will see my whole range of products for every occasion inlcuding a look book of professional images. 
In this look book you can see my accessories that have been used for styling various shoots for magazines, models for fashion shows and much more.

A window into the glamorous and beautiful world of fashion. 

At the moment i am still working on my À la carte range and finalizing the headbands i will be adding to the range, can't wait for this!

Also i have some new and exclusive gorgeous bridal garters i am currently designing using the finest materials and handmade craftmanship. 
Look out for these they are going to be seriously CUTE!

Until next time.....blogging off. 

Thursday, 20 October 2011


I love autumn it's cold enough to wear ankle boots but you don't have to break your neck slipping on ice in them, good times! 

Anyway.... So this week was very exciting as i was asked by a stylist from Britain's Next Top Models live show to send some accessories to them as samples for the show with a chance they might use them.

Good news! They've received the pretties and they thought they were beautiful and said they would definitely be using them..... stay tuned for more on this! 

From what I know they will be teamed with only the amazing Elle Macpherson's lingerie so i am so excited about this as it's such a great oppertunity, i love her lingerie and you never know Elle might very well see them herself.

As for designing, making etc I am currently working on an À la carte range of hair accessories.

The idea behind this is that customers will be able to pick their favourite hair piece that will come on a clip ready to wear in the hair or on clothing as a brooch. 

The next step is that you then have the choice to just buy the hair piece as a clip or you can also order a headband from my selection of different headbands to attach it to. Headbands will also come in a variety of styles lace, velvet, elastic etc in lots of different colours.

Then next time you would like to order a hair piece from the
À la carte menu you will already have your headband which you can attach your new hair piece onto.... et voila.

Sneak peak of one of the collections from the À la carte range

Friday, 7 October 2011

Photo Shoot On Saturday

Eeeeeek! So on Saturday there's a shoot taking place in London styled by the fabulous Michele Helen and she's using my accessories :) also one of the models is gorgeous Melissa Walton from Hollyoaks tres excitement.

Can't wait to post the pics on here but at the moment it's all top secret as usual, i've been shooting my headbands this week ready to put on my website as David tells me we are due for launch any day now and then i've got alot of work on my hands to drum up some trafficingz (not an actual word).

Weather is so freaky at the moment blink and it's dark and gloomy, blink again.... bright sunshine!

Here's a peek of the headbands that will soon be available to buy at

Monday, 3 October 2011

New Website Coming Very Soon

Time to get organised and the key to organisation is good storage! I Picked this little rainbow beauty up yesterday and it has helped me so much to get a bit more organised which is very much needed as i am far from neat and tidy.

Being totally honest in fact i struggle to keep even a square foot of space around me tidy when i'm creating, what's the phrase i'm looking for organised chaos!

Lilly Belle Accessories Rings ♥ ❤ ❥

Exciting update on the new official Lilly Belle Accessories website is that it's coming along great at the moment and really coming together, so pleased with how it's going to look when it's all finished. 

I've managed to find an amazing web designer who is putting alot of hard work in to it his name is David Shaw so if ever your in need of a website i can't recommend David highly enough. 

Email address is:
The web address is: