Wednesday, 29 February 2012

I want a bear dog!

Oh please can I? I'll look after him I promise I will! Pretty please with a cherry on top :D Isn't this the CUTEST dog/bear you've ever seen in your life! I heart him.... like actual love at first sight.

I'm almost sure I could conceal him from the Mr man for all of one second lol. 


Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Purple Shampoo

One of my all time favourite products that I use on a regular basis is Rusk Sensories Bright Shampoo. 
What they claim: Rusk Sensories Bright Shampoo is an effective cleansing shampoo that instantly revitalises & brightens dull, lifeless, silver/grey or white hair with translucent brighteners.
At first I was sceptical this would work, who wouldn't be a little scared to put bright purple shampoo on their hair? Saying this I read many reviews about silver and purple shampoos fixing the dreaded brassiness that blonde hair tends to get so I gave this a try.
It's brilliant and a total must for blondies! It costs around a tenner for quite a big bottle (400ml) but you only need to use it once a week or when you feel your hair needs a bit of a boost.

Monday, 27 February 2012

It's finally here the Oscar dresses

Eeeeek I have been eagerly awaiting the exposure of A list Oscar attending celebs in their daaaaaahling well look at you dresses!
Here's where you too can drool or detest this years wide selection of show stopping numbers. 
Click here to see the dresses for yourself

Nudes, white and gold seemed to be the colours of the evening and hogging the spotlight this year my favourite contenders were....

Top of the list without a doubt one of my fav fashionistas, Louise Roe. This gown with matching blazer is breathlessly beautiful, feminine and chic!

 Others that got it right ...

Those that chose a more interesting gown....

2012 Fashion Trends

Last year it was hard to ignore the main trend was BOLD! From colour block, wearing bright and bold coloured outfits or items with a colour block in the design. Patterend shorts and leggings were also huge last year and there was also influence from stripes. 

As I previously mentioned on my blog, this year has turned 360 on it's booty and we are already seeing a strong pastel colours influence in spring 2012's fashion trending.

Romantic silhouettes will also be very popular this season using different textured fabrics, rouching and beading.
Floral and animal prints have always been around on the catwalk but this year we are definitely seeing a lot more tribal prints coming in to play. I will definitely be embracing this trend this year. 
Remember tribal prints don't always have to be dull colours like brown, khaki, black etc. Here is me when we went to Marrakech last year in my fav tribal print dress that has a modern spin on it mixing hot pink with black and white.
It has beautiful hot pink wooden beads along the neckline which add to the tribal look. This was bought last year from my fav shop TK MAXX.

Leather is another trend that is going to be used in the summer this year, not too sure how practical this is. From what i've seen so far it's taking the form of leather shorts, baggy loose flared leather trousers and leather waistcoats/blazers... jury is still out on this one.
The autumn will focus on jewel tones such as red, purple and teal colours.
Ivory and gold are also key colours to look out for this year, happy trending!

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Family Photoshoot

As a christmas prezzie my boyfriend's sister bought us a voucher for a family photoshoot which came with a complimentary print. 

I was so suprised by this as I thought it was a great idea for a family present that involves everyone.

Today we went to have the shoot and it was such great fun, little one was a bit shy at the beginning but soon came out of her shell and danced and skipped around the white backdrop posing her little heart out lol.
Here is a quick pic I took of her in her puff ball princess dress after we came back, lemon meringue anyone hehe?
We are going back on wednesday for a "viewing" of the photos, so can't wait to see them totally biased but I know she's going to look gorgeous!

Friday, 24 February 2012

My Ultimate Fav Celeb Couple

My ultimate favourite celebrity couple is Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin for the obvious reason that they have stayed married when most Hollywood romances fizzle out as quick as the spark has been ignited. 

Gwyneth and Chris have regularly been snapped looking very ordinary on family jaunts in the park and walking together gazing lovingly hand in hand. In every picture it is so clear how much they love each other and I think they are great role models. Kids names aside (Apple & Moses) yeah I know can't quite get my head around that either either
they are the cutest family!
 Another factor I love about this celeb couple is they keep everything totally private. Chris Martin said that one of the main reasons they keep their relationship private is so that his music has credability
As Gwyneth said in an interview...
 'He makes music for his fans, and he doesn't want people to conjure a lame famous couple when they're getting into his music,' 'I get it.'

When asked about his wife he always gushes over her comparing being married to the oscar star actress to winning the lottery, everyone say awwwww!

Picture Friday So Long February

February has been such a strange month we've had snow one minute to quite warm sunshine days the next bizarre!

Fav picaroonies from this week that i've collected are...

Too Cute!

Flutterby Blue

I Neeeeed this guy in my life! <3

Beautiful Light To Dark Dramatic Smokey Eye Look

Amazing Shabby Chic Heels

Great present ides for your bestie, hot choc, choc chips and mallows, heaven in a hot drink!

Wicked idea for any old jeans that may have ripped at the knee, turn them inside out and sew a patch of lace wear the hole is.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Bohemian Chic Headbands

So before I showed you my new shabby chic hair flowers and today the glimpse of sun has yet again bought out my inner bo ho. Here are my creations i've been working on today, come on summer we're ready for you now!

Click to buy

Click to buy

Click to buy

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Chocolate And Coconut Slices

On the weekend I had a random craving for a snack my school canteen used to sell at morning break time. I loved this sooo much when I was teenager and all I had to go by was a vague memory of this chocolate slice that looked sort of like a brownie and had coconut in it.
I found a recipe and thought that sounds about right and decided to try it out as I had desicated coconut left over from truffle decorating last week.
Success it is the exact treat I was searching for and oooooh does it taste good I feel 15 again! Best part about this recipe is you don't need eggs as we always seem to run out of eggs quickly in this house.

Ingredients you will need to make this yummy treat!

3 Wheatabix bisuits 
85g Desicated Coconut
120g Caster Sugar
150g Self-Raising Flour
3 Tbs Cocoa Powder
150g Butter


Preheat oven to 180 degrees.
You will need to firstly lightly grease a 16cm x 26cm tray or any suitable for doing a tray bake. Next line the tray with grease proof I would say greaseproof paper is a must to avoid any sticking to the tin and ruining your hard work.

Next break up the wheatabix into a bowl or food mixer.
Add the coconut and sugar an then sift in the flour and cocoa powder.
Place the butter in a bowl and melt in microwave for 1min, pour it over the dry ingredients and mix well. 
Spoon the mixture into your prepared tin pressing it down with a spoon once its all filled. It is vital you press the mixture down firmly in the tin as this will prevent it from just being a crumbly mess once its cooked.
I used a mini rolling pin and when you roll the mixture it gives it a really nice sheen on the top. 

Put it into the oven for 15 mins 180 degrees (my oven is very hot so i turned mine down to 160 for the cooking so will depend on your individual oven)

Let it cool and cut into your desired slices and your done happy munching!


Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Call the fashion police!

What the..... can someone clear something up for me here because I am struggggling to see who could ever 1 like this dress, 2 think it is ok to be seen out in public in it .... let alone be seen out in it on the red carpet?! Makes me wonder do people just wear something because it's been labeled fashionable or have I lost the plot and is this actually a really nice dress?

Here's the offending article.. Flash or clash?

Alesha Dixon Wearing Mary Katrantzou for Topshop £350

Happy Pancake Day!

Hope you are all having lovely pancake filled fun today, I for one feel sick as a pig because I am a piggy and ate far too many pancakes.
Mr Lilly Belle made teddy bear shaped pancakes for my little one which I decorated and filled full of bananas before rolling it up. Needless to say she LOVED them, here's how they turned out...

Monday, 20 February 2012

Pearl And Diamante Headbands.

Today i've been working on some unique bo ho chic head bands ready for the spring/summer such miserable weather outside today, literally counting down the days until summer.
Really hoping we get our usual random hot month in April as it's just around the corner :)

Silver 3 Row Pearl & Diamante Headband

3 Row Gold Pearl & Diamante Headband

3 Row Pink Pearl Headband

It's Glossy Box Time :D

Glossy box faithful arrived today and similarly to before I will test them properly before I post reviews so stay tuned for the full reviews coming soon.
Here's this month's box and products for you all...

I tested out this lipgloss with not much high hope as i'm really NOT a lipgloss girl they never look right on me and I never like the consistency of them.

The lipgloss is called DUWOP Venom Gloss and to my complete shock horror I really like this! The slight tint is beautiful and the consistency is great so it may well have converted me to lipgloss. Just checked their site and they have a range of different colours.
I can already notice a plumpness to my lips from using this product.
This will be lovely for the summer, and has a slight tingle sensation to the lipgloss which feels really fresh. It's full of spices that make your lips swell, really clever hence the name venom, they say:

Blending that same spicy concoction of cinnamon, wintergreen and ginger with skin softening ingredients like jojoba, avocado and sunflower oil, beeswax for protection, and green tea for soothing, Venom Gloss gives you full, soft, hydrated lips.

DUWOP Lip Gloss In Shade Buttercup