Sunday, 19 February 2012

Purple With Pink Bows Nails

Hi guys sorry haven't posted in a few days been really busy with general lifeness and have soo missed blogging! Thought i'd show you what my nails look like today. I found a seller on ebay that sells these gorgeous little bows that you can stick onto your nails for added cuteness so I got ome pink and black bows!
This look is sooo easy to recreate as the bows just stick to the nails using the wet nail varnish no glue needed. Although tip, don't let them come in contact with water mine stayed on all day and I did a spot of washing up and they dropped off.. oops, so bit of a heads up! 

You will need
My favourite faithful cheap nail varnish brand 2true in shade 16 Violet
Little iddy biddy bows from ebay pack of 50 for £1.29 and FREE postage!

1 comment:

  1. I love the colour! and the hint of pink is adorable :) will have to try it!