Friday, 24 February 2012

Picture Friday So Long February

February has been such a strange month we've had snow one minute to quite warm sunshine days the next bizarre!

Fav picaroonies from this week that i've collected are...

Too Cute!

Flutterby Blue

I Neeeeed this guy in my life! <3

Beautiful Light To Dark Dramatic Smokey Eye Look

Amazing Shabby Chic Heels

Great present ides for your bestie, hot choc, choc chips and mallows, heaven in a hot drink!

Wicked idea for any old jeans that may have ripped at the knee, turn them inside out and sew a patch of lace wear the hole is.


  1. Amazingly cute pics! Aw the dog pics are too adorable.The butterflies are beautiful,stunning colour. Wish I could do smokey eyes like that,so gorgeous x

    Following your fabulous blog x

  2. I know i'm the same I sooo wish I was better at makeup whenever I do eyemakeup on me that isn't my usual comfort zone, it ends up being over the top like stage make up! lol. xx