Saturday, 4 February 2012

12 Days Of Valentines - Day 3

Valentines biscuits why not give these a go and make them for your boyfriend, friend, sister, mum.... whoever. Everyone loves getting something that someone has put time and consideration into.

Today during my trapes out into the white winterland outside I was looking for inspiration for my 12 days of valentines feature and found these cuties.
OK so the total amount I spent on these tools was a bank breaking £3.68! (Not including cost of ingredients).

Kids mini bakeware set - B&N (Amazing shop) £1.99
Multipack of different size heart cutters - Poundland £1
Adorable little heart tin - Hootys 0.69p
These biscuits are so easy and a key recipe to keep in that cupboard for that day when you go to make a cake and you realise no eggs mean no cake. We've all done it! No eggs at all needed for this recipe.

The Ingredients 
500g Butter 
150g Icing Sugar
500g Plain Flour
1/4 Teaspoon Salt
2 Teaspoon Baking Powder
2 Teaspoon Vanilla Essence

Preheat oven to 180 degrees or if you have a hot oven like mine that loves to burn things 170.
Put all the dry ingredients such as the flour, baking Powder, salt and sugar into a food processor. 
Process this briefly to mix these ingredients together slightly.
Add the butter in pieces and process it with on/off bursts of the processor.
Next Add the vanilla extract and process until dough starts forming a ball.
Here's where you can be really creative you can keep the biscuits plain or you can divide up to my different coloured biscuits.
I chose to make plain and red for my valentines theme.
Now simply roll mixture out 1cm thick onto grease proof paper and then use your amazingly expensive cutters to cut out any shapes you desire :)
Place in the oven for 10-12 Mins and your done. 
To make the swirly biscuits just roll out one colour of dough and then the second colour of dough, lay them on top of each other and roll them up. Once you have your biscuit sausage gently cut it up into little biscuits.
Next up is my favourite bit the decorating go crazy sprinkles galore!

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