Saturday, 25 February 2012

Family Photoshoot

As a christmas prezzie my boyfriend's sister bought us a voucher for a family photoshoot which came with a complimentary print. 

I was so suprised by this as I thought it was a great idea for a family present that involves everyone.

Today we went to have the shoot and it was such great fun, little one was a bit shy at the beginning but soon came out of her shell and danced and skipped around the white backdrop posing her little heart out lol.
Here is a quick pic I took of her in her puff ball princess dress after we came back, lemon meringue anyone hehe?
We are going back on wednesday for a "viewing" of the photos, so can't wait to see them totally biased but I know she's going to look gorgeous!


  1. Teehee years ago when my 2 nieces were toddlers they did that too! A bit of coaxing and loads of encouragement later they opened up and pranced about. We got some awesome photos, it's definitely worth every dollar.

    Oh, and her lil skirt is so adorable. She's really going to grow into a beautiful young lady


  2. Ahhh thanks Nichola I know I can't believe how quickly little ones grow up it's mad, definitely worth it. Dying to see the pics on wednesday hopefully got some good ones :D x

  3. Aw so cute!