Friday, 3 February 2012

12 Days Of Valentines - Day 2

Cute, fun, easy heart nails anyone can do with limited to no special tools.
As you can see from mine they are by no means perfect as always with my nail tutorials but I am not a professional nail technician. So once again to reiterate if I can do these so can you and I love how they've turned out they look great and FUN!

To get this look I used:
2True French Manicure Nail Tip White
2True Black Shade No. 39
2True Lilac/Pink Orchid Shade No. 17
A Cocktail Stick

First apply two thick coats of the white as your base.
Secondly get your cocktail stick and draw little hearts on the finger nails in black gradually getting bigger in size.
Once dry paint in the centre of these little black hearts with pink, red etc.
Finally re-apply the black nail varnish around the pink hearts with the cocktail stick to add more definition and there we have it.
Cute fun valentines nails. 

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