Thursday, 23 February 2012

Bohemian Chic Headbands

So before I showed you my new shabby chic hair flowers and today the glimpse of sun has yet again bought out my inner bo ho. Here are my creations i've been working on today, come on summer we're ready for you now!

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  1. Wow these are beautiful,love them all specially the first one,I'd love to make gorge pieces like this and sell them. I made a floral headpiece in my first year at Uni, wish I was aloud to do more stuff like that :D it's on my 'awards' page on my blog,if u fancy a nose,would love to make more and sell them.

    Hope u have a lovely weekend.

    1. Hey Kayleigh,
      Sorry for late reply had a manic week! Just been having a nose at your blog totally in awe! I love all your design work especially your traveller girl project and the abercrombie entry. You are so talented.
      Are your edition t-shirts up yet can't wait to see them.
      Love your fascinator head piece and the mix of colour, beautiful.
      I am totally addicted to making brain is always ticking over new ideas, as i'm sure you get too lol. xx