Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Mug Hug Love!

I am so excited a package has just arrived in the post and I had to share this amazing find with you all! I have stumbled across these absolutely gorgeous products they are just too cute!

I am a massive tea addict so when I saw these I thought that is so me :)
These are called mug hugs and they come in a range of different designs. Great for protecting your hands from a hot mug.... but who am I kidding it's mainly about the cuteness!

A lovely lady called Debbie makes these and as always I want to encourage people to shop handmade. I always feel it is such a shame that craft is a bit of a dying art here in the UK and with mothers day coming up why not get one of these as a unique gift. Better still treat yourself like i did, or if your boyfriend wants to get you something for valentines and you can't think of anything (like that's going to happen) lol why not point him in the direction of these.

Here are my little beauts for you to see would love to know what you think?


  1. AHH these are super cute!! :)


  2. I want <3 Love your blog, I'm following now :) Feel free to check out mine! Don't forget to enter my competition to win a pair of Motel Pamela Mann tights - perfect for any Valentines Day outfit!

    Laura x
    Petit Chatons

  3. They are so cute!! Like a modern tea cosy.
    L xo

  4. Ahhh i'm so pleased you all love them as much as me they are too cute! Love that Lauren :) "the modern tea cosy"... so is! I passed that on to the lady who makes them. xx

  5. Just found your blog and I loveee it :-)


  6. What a great and sweet idea! I like it!

    Hope you visit me on my Blog

  7. such a cute and lovely idea :) like it! think it's perfect as a little valentine's present!