Thursday, 20 October 2011


I love autumn it's cold enough to wear ankle boots but you don't have to break your neck slipping on ice in them, good times! 

Anyway.... So this week was very exciting as i was asked by a stylist from Britain's Next Top Models live show to send some accessories to them as samples for the show with a chance they might use them.

Good news! They've received the pretties and they thought they were beautiful and said they would definitely be using them..... stay tuned for more on this! 

From what I know they will be teamed with only the amazing Elle Macpherson's lingerie so i am so excited about this as it's such a great oppertunity, i love her lingerie and you never know Elle might very well see them herself.

As for designing, making etc I am currently working on an À la carte range of hair accessories.

The idea behind this is that customers will be able to pick their favourite hair piece that will come on a clip ready to wear in the hair or on clothing as a brooch. 

The next step is that you then have the choice to just buy the hair piece as a clip or you can also order a headband from my selection of different headbands to attach it to. Headbands will also come in a variety of styles lace, velvet, elastic etc in lots of different colours.

Then next time you would like to order a hair piece from the
À la carte menu you will already have your headband which you can attach your new hair piece onto.... et voila.

Sneak peak of one of the collections from the À la carte range

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