Tuesday, 17 January 2012

TK MAXX Flash Sale!

Something to take the edge of the bitter cold that's decided to make a late appearance this year...

One of my fav shops is doing a flash sale today started at 12pm a selection of 12 lovely dresses for £10, great bargains if you've got an event or do coming up soon as some of them look quite formal.

Its states numbers are limited but worry not fair maidens this 12 at 12 feature is happening over the next 4 days so keep an eye out for something you might like, bravo TK bravo.

Click here to view the TK Maxx 12at12 flash sale


TK Maxx Flash Sale Day 2 - Shoes & Accessories

Just a quick update on the TK Maxx flash sale today is day two of four and the featured 12 items for £10 on sale today starting from noon will be shoes, handbags and jewellery, worth a gander!


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