Sunday, 29 January 2012

Sunday Shenanigans

Batiste dry shampoo was made for Sunday's as was Ikea shopping trips and this is what I did today. No other place makes me feel more like part of a herd than following the people that are following the other people that are following the little arrows all the way around.
I needed to buy a desk to attach on to my Ikea Expedit which are AMAZING for storage if you haven't already seen them here's mine looking very foreign to me beause it's tidy and things have been put back where they should be for once! 

Funny moment of the day I was sorting out my new acrylic word charms and my 2 yr old was looking at one and I said what does that say Lilly expecting her to say I don't know or make something random up and instead she suprised me with "it says blah blah blah blah blah" lovely! lol.

One thing I do LOVE about Ikea though is their chocolate especially the milk choc hazelnut and at 50p for 100g would be rude not to stock up.
Also came across these gorgeous little heart shaped biscuits an absolute must for the day of saint valentine coming up! I wish I'd bought more of these biscuits they are so delishgamabob dunked in a nice cup of tea!

Ikea Choccie Heart Biscuits, Ikea - 80p
Errrm, the middle chocolate bar might look a little flatter than the other two because it didn't quite survive the journey home, the mug says it all... little piggy!

Ikea 100g Chococlate Bars, Ikea - 50p


  1. mm chocolate! love ikea too :) love your blog-now following

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  2. I love Ikea! Went there yesterday, should have stocked up on those biscuits!

    I'm a new follower. If you like what you read on mine, I would love it if you followed me back.

    Louise x

  3. Can't beat Ikea on a Sunday, especially when they have yummy stuff!!
    Hahaha sometimes if you want a laugh, the best thing to do is chat to an infant !!