Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Are Companies Like Stylist Pick Taking Away Individual Style?

Nothing saddens me more than the idea of stylist pick. To me style should be individual and personal and this concept totally takes away from that.
This whole concept just screams out consumer driven herd mentality at it's finest.

How it works: You take their style quiz to find out what "style bracket" to be placed into, they present you with a selection of shoes that will suit your selected answers then you can choose to either skip the month if nothing takes your fancy or buy the shoes for the standard price £39.95 per pair.

I know quite a few people that have done this and they all came up with the same pair of shoes even though they have totally different personalities and style, the mind boggles.

The shoes themselves look lovely I can't review the quality of them but have heard mixed reviews. The packaging is beautiful the shoe box is tied in a girly bow with ribbon and placed into a sleek black tote style bag.
What i love best about the packaging and I truly believe all shoes should come with this is an obligatory polaroid picture of the shoes which is amazing for organizing and storing your shoes.
Finally the package also contains a bribe.. i mean present such as a lip gloss or bracelet.

Unfortunatley quite a few people have been left disappointed with their customer service. Customers feel miss lead by the £39.95 sign up fee as they didn't think it was clearly stated that if you don't remember to go on and click to skip a month, you will automatically get charged the £39.95. This charge occurs even if you do not want those particular shoes they have picked out for you and they will instead give you a store credit... are you thinking what i'm thinking this could really start to add up if your not careful!

Pros: Packaging is very beautiful and thoughtful makes you feel special by even giving you a little gift wih your order.

Cons: You have to be on top of your account and the fees you may be occurring not good if your a little bit scatty like me.

 In the words of babe the pig - Baaaa, lamb, shooooe ....baaa, lamb, shoooe!


  1. Haha, Baa Ram Shoooo, I love that line!!

    Good point, very well made... Seems like a quick way to make a fast buck. I've signed up for GlossyBox, and had a sinking feeling that I might end up feeling the same, but £12 a month is no where near the £40 odd for this ol' scam!

    K x

    1. Thanks Kathryn and SNAP :) I signed up for glossy box yesterday so excited to get my first box heard nothing but good things for glossy and you can cancel anytime. x