Friday, 27 January 2012

Picture Friday - Snow is coming!

I'm so excited we've finally had reports that snow might very well be coming to the UK sooner than we thought... I was starting to give up hope all together!

Picture Friday this week will be a mixture of my favourite images I have collected during the week.

Beautiful rockability/Minnie mouse style shoes in polka dot print, SO CUTE!

 Oh do you?! .... interesting! ;)

Perfect for valentines day coming up soon, mini heart envelope picture tutorial <3

I love everything about this image from the crisp white sheets to the finely quaffed hair and the delicate silk cami top. You can almost smell the roses yourself, breathlessly romantic! Hands up who wants to be her?

 Sneak Peek of my new personalised necklace range coming very soon. This one I made up as an example and as a little present to me from me, happy present day to meeee!

If I could be blogging from anywhere in the world right now it would be this secret den hideaway bed in this ceiling, amazing!



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  2. lovely blog!

  3. Thanks for following me! I am now following back. Great blog!

  4. I really love these images especially the girl on the bed with flowers its a beautiful shot!

  5. that rooom is soooo awesome

  6. great post hun, love that room that would be an amazing little hideout spot for blogging haha x