Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Amazing Bakeware!

As you will most likely be aware if you are a dutiful perfect homemaker such as myself cough cough... pancake day is coming up soon so I wanted to get this review up quick. Even though this tool is a bit of a luxury and not essential it's such a great invention and I LOVE it!

You may not have heard of Chicago Metallic and if not it is a company that specialise in bakeware such as pans and baking tools.

These two beauties come from their range, firstly the batter dispenser.
Like myself you may be fed up of using a spoon to fill your cupcake trays and the drippy mess it makes, this tool helps you dispense the perfect amount of batter everytime! So simple yet so genius! It has a quick-release handle for instant shut-off, holds a massive 900ML (that's ALOT of pancakes) and is dishwasher safe Hallelujia!

I also invested in a cupcake plunger which was under £5 yet another amazing design. This tool simply plunges out the centre of your cupcake to be placed back on top again after you have filled it with the icing of your choice! YUM!

Batter Dispenser £11.99
Cupcake Plunger £4.99

           Step one                                               Step two     


              Step one                                                         Step two

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