Wednesday, 25 January 2012

On Trend Word Necklaces - Funny Shapes & Words

The latest craze to hit the UK jewellery market is word jewellery. These come in various shapes and sizes predominantly made from acrylic, some sweet, some erm... not so sweet lol. 
Celebrities have constantly been seen sending messages like this out to the public in a similar way through the means of printed slogan tops and now we want in on it.

As always Lilly Belle Accessories is keeping you up to date with on trend and in demand jewellery and accessories adding our own little je ne sais quoi. My head is just buzzing with ideas for these so keep checking back for totally unique one off designs.

Seems as though every way I turn these days acrylic jewellery and message jewellery is everywhere, here's a few of my favs i've stumbled across to get your taste buds going.

A selection from ASOS
Asos Foxy Ring £36

ASOS POW Pendant Necklace £12

Asos OK Earrings £10
Check out CBTSCLOSET love their range of quirky original designs

Smiley Face $10

Vampire Fangs $10


  1. These are aweeeeesome, I love ASOS. Shopping and you don't even need to shower. haha xxxx

  2. I know, it is THE one stop shop for fashion :) Thanks for reading xxx