Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Blitz Movie Review - Jason Statham

I watched the film Blitz the other day staring the very aesthetically pleasing Mr Jason Statham can i get a DING DONG with a side order of Hubba Hubba please. I'm a big fan of Statham and yes although he seems to be another one of those type cast actors like Hugh Grant you can't argue with the fact that he suits his roles.

Bearing in mind I have seen quite a few movies with Statham in.. Snatch, Transporter, Crank, The Bank Job to name but a few I think this movie is his best role yet. 

Tagline is "cop killer against killer cop" Statham plays a tough guy cop that has to take down an insane serial killer who is targeting police officers in a personal vendetta of revenge.

Won't ramble on and ruin the storyline for those of you who haven't seen it and now feel compelled to watch it but it has a great mix of genres. It of course has the usual hero, villain, princess characters but I loved how it managed to successfully mix a crime thriller with comedy. 

Above all, the fellas get an action film while the girls get brownie points for watching an action film whilst sneakily perving on Jason Statham in all his glory for a WHOLE 1hr 37 minutes, winner!

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