Friday, 27 January 2012

Tannage and the gunk i use :)

So it's Friday which can only mean one thing.. picture Friday :D 
The sun is shining and I've just done my tan which reminded me I need to blog about the tan I use because it is amazeballs!

The trick is with tan to try not to look like you've just dived from a 10 metre diving board into a giant bag of wotsits not a good look. Now you may very well have friends that look like this but that should even more make you want to aspire to be something other than a wotsit. 
Trust me I know I too managed to break through my inner wotsit and opt for a better shade so here goes.

Drum roll........TA DAAAAA!

 Xen Tan Dark Lotion - Around £20 shop around ebay often does it cheaper
Xen Tan Scrub - £10

Most of you will definitely have heard of Xen Tan but incase you have seen it and never tried it and are struggling to find a good tan give it a go! I also use the Xen Tan scrub with mine that basically makes the tan last longer and smells like original source minty shower gel, delish!

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