Thursday, 19 January 2012

Perfect Interview Hair Tutorial

This is a tutorial showing you how to recreate your very own hair in classic Matilda's Miss Trunchball style, all the rage daaaahlings.

This look would be great for a meeting, job interview or just a glam look for a night out.

You will Need:

Brush, bobble, kirby grips x infinity and your boots essential doughnut £4.80

First things first.. wash your hair, done? Ok good.

Next gather all your hair up into a high pony tail right on top of your head, think of your favourite teletubby.

Once that's done you're now going to get your doughnut and pull your hair through the doughnut just like you would a hair bobble so it's sitting on top of your head.

Now that's settled your going to spread out all of your ponytail hair so that it covers your doughnut....sexual!

Finally smooth the hair at the front down to the bottom of the doghnut and pin with kirby grips making sure you cannot see the doughnut underneathe. 
Gather the ends of the hair around to the back by pulling it around the doughnut at the bottom and pinning as you go keep doing this until all hair is pinned and tucked under, et voila!

Add a blazer...


..... glasses 


Instantly employable!

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