Monday, 5 December 2011

Remembrance Day... Lest We Forget

The poppy appeal and remembrance sunday has always had a place close to my heart.

When i was fourteen, ten WHOLE years ago (now i feel old) believe it or not I was a roughy toughy army cadet and therefore we were taught the significance of the day and a select few of us had the privelage to represent the ACF and take part in the Royal Albert Hall's Remembrance Parade.

As you can imagine this was a huge honour and very exciting to be asked we had lots of dress rehersals and measuring up for our number two dress uniform to look the part as it was going to be on television.

Our job was to stand in a V shape on the very cente of the floor of the Royal Albert Hall while the Chelsea pensioners walked out onto the floor and up onto the stage. I can remember the lights being so bright and trying to stand as still as possible and not faint under the heat of the lights lol.

The Queen and Tony Blair was there and i kept thinking the Queen could be looking at me right now.
It was such a great experience to have had a small part in something so monumental and something I will treasure forever.

This year I thought it would be nice to design a handmade poppy brooch and i was so pleased at how popular they were. Thank you so much to everyone that bought a poppy.

£1 from each sale was donated to the British Legion and Mr Lilly Belle also donated £1 from each of his xbox repair fix kit sales and combined we raised £116.25

Here is a pic of my poppy brooches i made for the cause, hope you like them :)

 And my 2001 performer's pass from the Royal Albert Hall itself, just click on it if you would like to make it bigger.

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