Friday, 23 December 2011

Happy Christmas Eve Eve

Eeeeeeek how quick is the festive season going this year?! I can't believe the christmas weekend is already upon us and today uber excitement as our tickets came for Paris.

Definitely time to start planning the itinerary for our little mini break. We're staying at Disney Paris and having never been as a child looking forward to seeing what it's like. 
I've got my fingers crossed to see a little bit of snow but nothing too chaotic to disturb our plans.

My daughter being nearly 3 is at a funny stage of toddlerness where one minute she's a tough cookie, fearlessly ready to take on the world and other times well.... she's a bit unsure lol.

Her latest obsession is Mickey Mouse so hopefully she loves it all. 

Planning on doing a bit of sight seeing too in Paris and hunting down some local fabric shops so looking forward to that.

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