Sunday, 25 December 2011

Happy Christmas, Proper Crimbo, Joy Noel etc

Happy Christmas everyone it's finally here. I have one baby asleep in her bed absolutely zonked from all the excitement, a happy Mr man playing Golden Eye Reloaded on his Xbox and i'm just going to write a quick blog update before I settle down with my new Kindle and read a lovely relaxing book.

Ok so above I have already mentioned that this year Mr Lilly Belle got me a Kindle for my Christmas present and not only is this a generous gift in itself and I am thrilled but it was the actual thought behind the present...ation of it that had me speechless.

Instead of just wrapping the generic Amazon Kindle box it came with in festive wrapping paper with some kind of snowman or reindeer face on it he went above and beyond the creative call and set a total present enigma.

It began with him saying the usual things like "don't come upstairs" or don't go in such and such room and the reason for this was that he was making something??? Having no idea what i left it a surprise or more likely he managed to keep it a surprise as he was dieing to tell me what he was up to lol.

He had been a bit later home from work towards the end of the week and turns out he had been scouring book shops and charity shops far and wide searching for a GIANT book. 

With this giant book he cut out the middle and made a secret hole for the kindle to go in so when i opened the book thinking that was my present inside was the kindle. The idea was he wanted to give me a book inside a book. AMAZING!

Not only was this a great idea to do with any book but he was beginning to give up on the idea until he came across a book "(The Vogue Sewing Book) that was perfect as me being a sewer myself made it even more credible that the book was my present! 
Was so impressed that he spend so much time and effort on my thoughtful present and making it special there was also the sweetest loveliest message in my card and I was a bit emotional tbh.

At first I couldn't help feeling sad when Kindles first came out because i thought it might lead to the extinction of paper books. I love the smell of books and the whole turning the page physicality, nothing beats getting stuck into a good read and the escapism it brings.

Weighing up the pros and cons I decided I did like the idea of the Kindle especially when you run two business's from home and have a little toddler space is valuable so the fact that it can hold thousands of books is a big winner for me! Also i think it's a great idea for people that travel a lot perhaps commuters that have lengthy dreary journeys on trains etc. So all in all you really can't fault it on practicality so I am now a Kindler and proud.

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