Friday, 16 December 2011

Inspiration, Motivation... Picture Friday Is Born

Ok picture friday is a new concept for my blog whereby I am going to share with you my favourite images from the week!

Let you in on a little secret it's actually 12.25 pm so technically it's Saturday so great way to start picture friday but hey ho I won't tell if you don't?!

Oh and happy Christmas eve to the power of 7 EEEEEK!

You really can't go wrong with denim and lace anyone can pull this combination off wether young or old from babies to ladies it is so cute and feminine. Team it with smokey eye makeup for a Sienna Miller sexy/girl next door look.

Pearls and sparkles ... look at these vajazzled shoesies...whoever made these has clearly never heard of the less is more theory not sure if I could justify a place to wear these but they are still beautiful to look at.

Following on from shoes... this is what every girl need in her life! Best invention EVER!

And lastly, if i could be blogging from anywhere right now this is where i wish i was blogging from today, bliss!

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