Saturday, 3 December 2011

Halloween and our continual pumpkin tradition

We kind of raised the bar a bit early with our pumpkin carving and since then we've got to strive to maintain the standard alreay set each year.... uh oh long gone are the days of just doing a smiley face we're talking the works lol.

My daughter was 2 and 1/2 this halloween so she's really at the age now where she can get stuck in and get involved with things that are going on.

She LOVED helping out with this, what kid wouldn't like getting their hands stuck into a bowl of slimey pumpkin goo and making a mess right?!

This year we made the mistake of not choosing our pumpkins ourselves we got a home delivery shop because we've been so busy and one of the two pumpkins was a bit dissapointing so we just did the one and chose drum roll............ a cat not quite the haunted house of a different year but Lilly chose it and it was a great all round family team effort.
Here's some pics of our little pumpkin making a pumpkin, let me know what you think?

These were 2010s bad boys.

And 2009 my personal favourite the haunted house and baby witch well you've got to dress them up cute as much as you can before they get old enough to turn around and say no lol ....

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