Thursday, 1 March 2012

Post Of Gratitude!

Just to say a HUGE whopping thank you to all my previous and most current followers for helping me get to my 100 followers goal.
It's so nice to know that people actually care about what I have to say and I am so grateful to anyone that takes the time to read my posts... don't feel like I'm talking to myself as much now :)

I love getting comments with your responses and always get round to replying so please comment and tell me anything you like. 
Also if there are any other topics or information you'd like me to post in my blog just let me know.
I love reading other people's blogs and feel so strongly that blogging is amazing and should be totally encouraged in schools to help develop students individual thoughts and opinions and help with typing and spelling etc.

Let me know what you think do you think blogging should be encouraged in education, surely it's a great way to spend your time getting your thoughts across in the written? (typed) word. 

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