Saturday, 17 March 2012

Family Photo Shoot

You might remember that I mentioned we went for a family photo shoot not so long ago.

Well we've got the pics back and they are so incredibly beautiful Jane one half of the two part team that make Sammy Southall Pohotography also made up a slide show of our shoot which is so well put together. 

I was amazed how emotional and moved I was watching the slideshow and am so over the moon with the end result of the shoot capturing a key moment in our daughter's life.
Lilly has just turned 3 yesterday and she is at that stage where she's really changing and growing up loosing her little baby ways and changing into a little girl as if overnight! As i'm sure you will know if you have children or young relatives similar age.

Sammy and Jane were brilliant at making us all feel comfortable (especially Lilly) being a bit of a shy tot at times.

So enough gushing from me here is the slideshow couldn't resist sharing this I am soooo proud of my little family.

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