Friday, 30 March 2012

Picture Friday

Here are my favourite pictures i've collected and stumbled acros this week with usual girlyness and some "awwwwwwww cute" thrown in too for good measure.
Happy Friday everyone hope you all have a lovely weekend I am obsessed with baking lately so stay tuned for lots more recipes and baking tips for those of you that share the interest. Ooooh and I will be making my first ever easter cake, wish me luck.

I LOVE this dress and will one day own it and wear it everywhere and refuse to take it off, beautiful layers of pale pink in a very french romantic style just heavenly.

Ooooh I say! I know! I thought the same thing "who would buy this let alone display it in their house!?" Brings a whole new meaning to the expression let it all hang out.

How gorgeous is this you literally would never have anywhere to wear it because it's too dressy for a nightclub or bar and a bit risky for a formal event but that doesn't mean we can't bathe in it's gorgeousness, big bird just got sexy!

It's the easter bunny! One day I will have him and love him and call him hop!

Sleeping Pug!

This is something my toddler would do!

Bring back love notes!

How adorable and perfectly pointed toes. Ballet was a big part of my childhood, love anything ballet but this is just too cute!
This is my absolute favourite image from my picture friday and I would love to frame it and have it up in my studio somewhere to gaze at when i'm making :) So genious love the way the skirts match the actions of the model. In the second picture the skirt is sprayed out to match her action which looks as though she is twirling, AMAZING!

Perfect wardrobe colour palette for the summer lovely feminine and chic.


  1. Is it wrong that I kinda want the penis chandelier? ...

  2. Both of those pink dresses are so stunning! Especially that second one thats shorter in the front. But your right, there would really be nowhere to wear it!