Saturday, 31 March 2012

Bleuuurgggh Weather = Comfort Food

So the gorgeous spring heat wave didn't last long as we knew it wouldn't. I really tried to make the most of it by making up my orders in the evening and morning and being free to sepnd the midday sun out in the garden with my little girl.
Chance of the sand actually staying in the sandpit was slim to none but it was heaven. 
Sun loungers out and kindle in hand it really felt like someone had spun the earth on it's axis and Britain was now where spain should be!

Today on the other hand is a totaly different story and when it rains there's only one thing for it, comfort food!
Here are my chocolate cupcakes I made today with homemade chocolates, who wants some?


  1. These chocolate cakes are so cute! The icing is too pretty, great blog:-)
    Hollie x

  2. Those look amazing! I especially like the cupcake with the mini cupcake on the top. It's like cupcake-ception. I love your blog!

    Lots of love xxx