Monday, 12 March 2012

Glossy Box - Special Harrods Edition

So this morning the postman banged on the door at a new personal best record for early o clock and I had no choice but to partake in a braless dash downstairs (don't worry I was wearing a top)!
It was Glossy Box with their special edition Harrods box of goodies :)
GB clearly chose a simple black and white classic chanel style look for their box this month.

I am a little disappointed with my box as I must admit it's not quite what I was expecting for a Harrods deluxe special edition. 
Perhaps it is because i have already recently had Clarins products in my box I couldn't help but feel a very familiar feeling when opening my box.

I am pleased with the Lancome Mascara as it's an instant full body mascara and my eyelashes always need a bit of a boost.
My initial reaction to the Valentino perfume was "Hello granny!" but actually it smells nice once it's been on for a few minutes and that strong smell fades.
Looking forward to trying the Molton Brown vitalising vitamin shower and bath as I haven't tried any Molton Brown products before.

So overall I think the box would be better suited for someone else. 
For example i'd like to think at the age of 24 I wouldn't need to try anti-ageing and extra firming products let alone buy them. Aside from Lancome and Clarins which I unfortunately have just received I wouldn't really say the brands used are that high end enough for a Harrods box.

Of course with all boxes it's luck of the draw and I have seen some people have received Burberry lipsticks and YSL products.

I have emailed Glossy Box and asked them to remove the spa products checkbox from my account so I don't keep getting similar products so if like me you felt the same might be an idea to check what products your subscribed to.

On the plus side I have a lovely Harrods signature box for storing things in and i'm sure once I test the products they will all be great products.
Reviews will come as and when I get the chance to trial them so stay tuned for that.

What did you think of your Harrods Glossy Box?

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  1. Mine should be there when I get home then - but I'm thinking of cancelling after this one!

    Not hearing good things to be honest.

    K x