Saturday, 27 April 2013

Blog updating day today starting with some good news!

It's been a while since i've blogged but as always, if i've missed blog posts I won't just carry on from where I am in life I will update my page from the time I last wrote and everything i've been upto lately so nothing is missed out :)

Where to start is an understatement but I always think the best place to start is with good news!
I am currently expecting bubba No 2 and this is why I have been a bit absent on the blog scene recentely with chronic morning sickness in the early stages.
We have since found out we're having another girl! yaaaah we make girls apparently...we are thrilled! Feeling great now with 3 months left I am due around the same time as Duchess of Cambridge herself and have been enjoying having a bump off with her whenever she's on the news!

My other little girly Lilly is so excited to be a big sister and I am really looking forward to later on and for her to have a little companion to rock around with too.
Here she is beng a mini maker, having hijacked my work station!! 

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