Saturday, 27 April 2013

Easter Festivities!

A very belated Happy Easter to everyone hope you all hd a choc-tastic day, we had a lovely easter this year! Made stressful ....I mean special by attempting to make our own easter eggs :) which we then took around to the in laws where we were invited for a delicious Lamb roast dinner and all helped my 4 year old daughter Lilly with an easter egg hunt!

I got the egg molds from a company on ebay, (will provide link below) and they also sold really cute novel little basket molds too that you can make up out of chocolate and fill with mini eggs or little creme eggs!!! Amazing!

These eggs make great presents for family because the best thing is you can really personalise them by decorating the outside with melted chocolate and piping names etc. Another good factor of making your own eggs is that you can fill them with anything you want smarties, m&ms sky's the limit!

In order to make your own chocolate eggs you need to temper the chocolate, which means melting the chocolate and cooling it down using marble.
Proper kitchen Marble work tops or chopping boards can be really expensive anything around £30 so what we did instead was went to B&Q and in their tile section you can buy a sample Marble tile for £7 and this is perfect for little projects like this.

It's a great project for the whole family to get involved with and kids love it!!

 Click here for easter egg mould company



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