Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Does it just CLICK?!?!?!

This is the question I can't help ask myself constantly whenever I see the relationship/single status flash up on facieB and wanted to know your views on it?

I am talking about settling down......eeeeek, arrghhh, noooooo............party!!!!

This was me when I was at uni and then suddenly something just clicked it's the only way I can describe it, I was 20 when I got my click which in today's society is early!
Since then i've fallen in love had a little one and for the first time felt like my life was on track and had a course to follow.

I used to think perhaps meeting the right person makes you click and want to settle down but the more I think about it and past couples i've known I don't think it's as simple as that. Sometimes people are with the right people but at the wrong time.

A lot of my friends that are the same age as me are still living the life I led whilst at uni seven years ago.

How many girls do you know that won't even consider settling down for anything other than perfection or fireworks and I mean the works.. money, car, body yada yada yada... oh and they want to be spoilt!

"I don't fancy my boyfriend anymore because he stopped working out"
"I'm only attracted to the bad boys, nice guys are too boring for me" 
"I won't settle for second best when i can have the best"

*Newsflash* Nobody needs material things to be happy, you don't need guys to buy you things day in day out to make you feel special if you need that then your not with the right person because they should be enough to make you happy! If you do need that then a serious case of self reflection is in order.

I CRINGE so badly watching the cattle market tv show Take Me Out because this is a prime example of this, a guy will come on good looking nicely dressed and then once the girls find out he's a farmer or anything in the slightest bit uncool wow do those lights go off!

When i was 16 I had strong visions of myself never settling down being 30, living in London working in journalism or advertising, living in a swanky flat with a vintage bicycle I would pedal furiously to work on bustling in and out of the busy traffic trying to hit my deadlines..... *back in the real world* what happened with that did I get my click?!

There's nothing wrong with waiting and wanting perfection but when girls want to be treated like princesses and then moan about there being no decent guys out there, you can't help but think.... lower your standards! 
 Buy your boyfriend something nice once in a while, surprise him. Give the nice guy a chance, or the guy that doesn't have designer clothing, let yourself like someone for who they are and not what they've got.

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