Sunday, 29 July 2012

New Hair - Embracing the fringe!

So Tulisa has recently just gone brunette to blonde what do we think?!
I definitely prefer her as a brunette I think it suits her alot better than the blonde.


I know how she feels though hair is a great way to express yourself and the easiest thing to change when you fancy a new look.

During my 25 years of follicle growth my hair has been through the colour spectrum but I recently opted for a fringe because they look so girly and bo ho.
My hairdresser shaped it around my face which I haven't had before and added some layers and I love it so much, if you can see in the picture my fringe shapes around my eyes which is brilliant for a softer look and not make it such a harsh fringe....

Have you had any (funny now but not at the time) hair disasters, or alternatively is there a hair style you would love to try but haven't quite found the minerals to try out?

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