Sunday, 27 May 2012

Hot hot hot!

Yowzers bowzers who turned the heating up?! I can't believe this gorgeous hot summer has been sneakily hiding away behind those clouds this whole time it is LUSHIOUSNESS!

Don't you find the sun makes everything look so much better, people look better towns, parks... everything feels like a mini holiday! 

It really gives me a new lease of life, well to a certain extent that is. 
I draw my curtains in the morning feel motivated by the beautiful weather but then it doesn't take too much sitting in the sun throughout the day for the sun to quite literally suck the life out me! 
Lets face it we brits are quite twirpy we moan about the cold and then sun comes out and suddenly all you hear is "it's too hot" 

I have had quite a productive week with lots of jubilee orders, making CAKE mmm cake and also saw the olympic torch.
Speaking of the olympic torch what do you make of people selling their torches to the highest bidder? Myself I feel a little bit deflated at that, I mean surely it's enough of an honour being picked let alone making money from it I heard that one sold for £150,000!
For me it would be alot more special if it was one torch that goes the whole way not a million different torches. .

Such a beautiful weekend what have you been upto are you going to try and catch a gimpse of the torch or not too fussed?

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